July 8, 2014

5 easy steps for building a case for recruitment

RecruitmentCoverNobody has to tell you times are tough. Budgets are tight. And senior execs at your hospital or health system likely believe your efforts to attract physicians and advance practitioners are getting more expensive. And to an extent, they’re right — because they only look at recruitment as an expense.

It’s our job to show management that recruitment is an investment — one that pays for itself again and again by filling costly vacancies with physicians who generate profits. But to get more funding from management, you’ll need to build a dollars-and-sense business case for recruitment. ab+c Creative Intelligence offers you a free tool to do it.

Download Building the Case for Recruitment Investment. It offers a concise five-step process for educating your leaders about 1) the physician shortage, 2) its rising cost to them, 3) how you’ll improve time-to-fill, and 4) the millions in new revenue streams your improved recruitment results can create, 5) contact ab+c Creative Intelligence!

Start building your own business case for greater recruitment investment.

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