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Your best bet for hot free sexy xxx content.

Your best bet for hot free sexy xxx content.

Gotcha! I know why you’re here. Pervert. Let me be straight with you: There isn’t any hot free XXX content here. So if that was what you were looking for, the browser back button is located in the upper left-hand corner of this window.

Now that we’ve lost 90% of the visitors to this page, I can continue with my actual subject — crafting content for your website and why you should be upfront and real with your audience. Doing this will help you build trust, and trust is key.

I bet the people who came here for porn were pretty upset to be lied to. (I know I would be. But then again, my online exploits are between me and the NSA.)

“So,” you ponder, “being honest and building trust with my audience — how do I accomplish this?”

I’m glad you asked.Read full post...