September 27, 2022

Aloysius Butler & Clark Announces Leadership Changes, Including Retirement of CEO Tom McGivney

WILMINGTON, Del. (Sept. 21, 2022) — Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C), one of the largest independent full-service marketing communications agencies in the region, today announced that CEO Tom McGivney will be retiring on Sept. 30, 2022. In addition, AB&C is implementing several leadership changes to ensure a seamless transition after McGivney’s departure, as well as to support the projected short- and long-term growth of the agency.

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Quality Assurance Editor – Part-Time

We’re looking for a part-time Quality Assurance Editor to join our bustling recruitment marketing division. The ideal candidate will have experience in web copy processing and a strong knowledge of the recruitment industry, or possess the ability to learn it quickly. And we’d love to see this role become full-time as we continue to grow and expand.Read full post...

April 19, 2022

Aloysius Butler & Clark Acquires Mangos, Creating One of the Largest Full-Service Independent Marketing Communications Agencies in the Region

Agencies immediately demonstrate the creative power of their collaboration by leveraging the Cameo platform to spread the news.

WILMINGTON, Del. (April 20, 2022) — Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C), a full-service marketing communications agency, today announced the acquisition of Mangos, an agency based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, best known for its strategic planning, branding and advertising. The acquisition will make AB&C one of the largest full-service independent marketing communications agencies in the Region. AB&C and Mangos, two of the longest-standing independent agencies in the Delaware Valley, are excited to unite under a single mission to apply elevated strategic and creative thinking to deliver on a commitment to produce exceptional results that exceed client expectations.Read full post...

Production Artist/Designer

AB&C—one of the largest full-service, independent agencies in the region—is growing, and we’re looking for an experienced production artist to join our bustling team. Production artists are an integral part of our creative department and process. They work alongside the designers, writers and creative directors to tackle layout design, digital design, photo retouching, mechanical file prep, asset requests and more. Ideal candidates for this role are organized, efficient, creative problem solvers with excellent technical skills and a strong design sensibility. While this role is first and foremost production, there will also be opportunities to be involved in original design, if you’re interested.

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Consumer Travel Survey Finds 78% of Individuals Likely to Travel in 2022

Research provides insights on attitudes and preferences for future travel.

More than three-quarters (78%) of travelers from Greater Philadelphia are very or somewhat likely to travel in 2022, with 69% stating they are likely to visit a regional destination within 250 miles of their home. This data comes from a travel survey of 200 consumers living within 80 miles of Philadelphia. AB&C conducted the survey in January 2022, using Pollfish, a national quantitative online survey platform.

Results indicate that 89% of respondents prioritize visiting family and friends in their future travel plans. Having new experiences and seeing new places are also important.

“These are strong numbers and point to a recovery for the travel-destination industry,” said AB&C Vice President of Strategy and Planning David Brond. “We also learned that it is important to stay vigilant in addressing consumers’ concerns regarding COVID-19.”

COVID Concerns

Approximately one-third (34%) of respondents are very concerned about contracting (or having a family member contract) the COVID-19 virus or being quarantined when traveling away from home. Another 43% are somewhat concerned, while 16% are not very concerned and 7% are not at all concerned.

More than half (55%) of respondents will actively seek less populated attractions/locations, and 72% will seek outdoor dining/entertainment options.

When traveling alone, respondents rate the following as very important in terms of determining that a travel destination is safe:

  • Mandatory masks
  • Mention on the destination’s website that shows they’ve seriously considered the virus
  • Social distancing requirement

For individuals who travel with their family, tangible measures like air-filtration systems, contact-free services and enhanced cleaning are rated higher than a mention on a destination’s website. For respondents traveling with a group that is not their family, outdoor options are very important.

64% of respondents say that if a travel destination does not mention safety, that may impact their willingness to try it.

“We designed the survey to reflect the demographics of the Philadelphia region and will use the results to reach target consumer and business audiences with appropriate messages,” said Brond. “By grouping survey respondents into four clusters, or personas, based on how much they agree with specific statements, we can tailor communications that will resonate with a variety of travelers.” The four clusters AB&C developed are as follows:

  • “I’m so over COVID. I’ll go anywhere.” We call this cluster of travelers done with the pandemic.
  • “COVID isn’t over, but I can’t be a hermit. I’m vaccinated and willing to risk it.” These travelers are adventurous but cautious.
  • “I’m going or would be willing to go only to places that can convince me they’re safe.” Safety matters most to these travelers.
  • “Until COVID is over, I’m not traveling.” These are no-go travelers.

Over one-third (36%) of respondents are adventurous but cautious, and only 17% fall within the no-go traveler cluster.

Is The Cautious Traveler a New Market Segment?

A couple months ago, I went to Phoenix on a business trip. While there, I went to several restaurants. At many of them, it seemed as if the pandemic didn’t exist. People were welcome without masks, often without the familiar request to wear a mask until you get to your table. Yet, in one restaurant we visited, guests were turned away if they couldn’t produce a vaccination card—even in a private area of the restaurant, as well as in outdoor seating.

It’s worth noting that this last restaurant, while an outlier, was not a pariah. It was as crowded as any of its competitors. So the question on my mind was this: Was this restaurant popular in spite of its more rigorous safety standards or because of them?

When in doubt, do a poll.

It happens that Dave Brond, who heads up strategy and research at AB&C, was working on a similar question. He recently conducted an online travel survey of 200 consumers in the Philadelphia DMA and divided respondents into four categories: done with the pandemic, adventurous but cautious, safety matters most and no-go travelers. He found their views on safety precautions weren’t universal. The majority fell in the adventurous but cautious camp, but over 40% fell on either side of that range—almost evenly divided between done with the pandemic and safety matters most. (Read the complete article HERE.) To me, that squared with what I had observed in Phoenix—that there might be room in today’s marketplace for an additional vertical niche.

Steakhouses. Vegan restaurants. Is safety-conscious its own category?

For destinations as a whole and for event spaces, safety protocols are essential. As our own research numbers show, a sizeable majority of those willing to travel care about safety. You can expect one of the first questions out of any meeting planner’s mouth to be about safety precautions.

But, if you’re a business that caters to individuals in an area where COVID regulations give you some leeway, is there a benefit to falling on the cautious-about-COVID side?

In the hospitality business, there’s an expectation that everyone is equally welcome. But while that’s true in theory, it’s always been less so in practice. Exclusion isn’t overt, but people know when the welcome shingle isn’t out. Steakhouses aren’t for vegetarians. Fine dining isn’t for kids. If it looks $$$$, and you want to spend $, you shy away. Whatever your business, it doesn’t appeal equally to everybody—and if it does, it may lack special appeal to anybody. For an establishment that’s otherwise parity, special attention to safety could be a differentiator.

What steps might we suggest?

First, be realistic about whether you can lay any special claim to safety. If you’ve installed air filtration, created special outdoor seating or joined an organization that provides some form of the Good Housekeeping seal, you’ve got something to talk about.

Now, where do you address it? You might want to create a webpage dedicated to your safety message and reassure travelers by subtly referring them to it in the margins of ads or other vehicles.

Can you advertise it more overtly? For most, safety is a filter, not a decision-maker, so prime attention should be devoted to the differentiators that really make you special. That said, there may be verticals in which safety can
co-star, like if you have romantic and innovative outdoor dining options. And destinations may be interested in making
safety-consciousness a subcategory alongside more obvious divisions, the way we would subcategorize restaurants by types of food. That would pay dividends for both the perception of the destination as a whole and for giving individual businesses who have done more a boost.

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Do you love accounting but take offense to accounting jokes? Do you love numbers but hate being treated like one? Then break out your spreadsheet and see how many boxes you fill.
AB&C is looking for a knowledgeable Accounts Receivable Specialist who enjoys working in a fun, familial environment to join our growing team. Someone who is self-motivated and able to work independently yet also enjoys being part of a strong accounting team that prides itself on being an integral part of an ad agency’s operations and success.Read full post...

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Do you love numbers but hate being treated like one? Then break out your spreadsheet and see how many boxes you fill.
AB&C is looking for an Accounts Payable Coordinator to join our growing team. Someone who is knowledgeable of accounting principles, who enjoys working in a fun, familial environment, who is self-motivated and able to work independently yet also enjoys being part of a strong accounting team that prides itself on being an integral part of an ad agency’s operations and success. Experience is helpful, but not necessary.Read full post...

Technical/B2B Copywriter (Full- or Part-Time)

AB&C is the largest full-service, independent agency in the region—and we’re growing. We’re looking for a copywriter to join our bustling creative department. The ideal candidate will have experience writing in the B2B space for clients who often require a technical background. Chemical. Industrial. Manufacturing. Healthcare. And more. Read full post...

November 19, 2021

AB&C Wins Eleven Healthcare Awards

WILMINGTON, Del., March 26, 2020Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C), one of the region’s largest full-service marketing communications agencies, emerged as an 11-time winner at the 38th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards. The Healthcare Advertising Awards is the oldest, largest and most widely respected healthcare advertising awards competition.Read full post...

Media Planner/Buyer

The Media Planner/Buyer is responsible for development, negotiation, implementation, tracking and optimization of paid media campaigns that may include broadcast, print, OOH, direct mail, display banners, video, site-direct buys, ad network buys, behavioral targeting, rich media, mobile, paid social and paid search. Read full post...

Experienced Web Developer

Aloysius Butler & Clark is looking for an experienced Web Developer to join our talented and award-winning digital creative team. As part of our growing digital department, the Web Developer will collaborate with our designers, animators and other developers to manage, build and deliver best-in-class user experiences for our clients. This is not an entry-level position so please apply ready to talk about some of the items and technologies on the lists below and tell our digital team about all the cool web stuff you’ve done!Read full post...

Project Manager

Wanted: Professional Juggler, Cat Herder—or an Experienced Agency Project Manager will do.

We need someone with a background in the agency world who’s skilled at managing the myriad details of interactive and digital media projects—from kickoff to delivery. This entails juggling day-to-day work, defining priorities and resources, tracking budgets and schedules, identifying risks and resolving conflicts. This job calls for a dynamic people person who’s detail oriented and highly organized. You’ll ride herd on multidisciplinary agency teams, managing multiple projects as you manage clients’ expectations. You’ll act as gatekeeper for all interactive projects requested by AB&C’s account teams. You’ll also act as the project teams’ advocate. Visit us online. You’ll get a sense of who we are—as well as the clients we serve.

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