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Building a better employment brand built a better team.

The Story

All construction companies have one thing in common: Their growth is only limited by the number of good employees they can recruit.  

In the fiercely competitive landscape of heavy-machine operators, construction superintendents and skilled laborers, Corrado Construction realized they needed something extraordinary to stand out. Thats when they turned to AB&C.  


The Strategy

We joined forces to uncover Corrado’s unique value proposition and to create a captivating campaign that would attract talented workers to become part of their close-knit family. 

Once the research was completed, AB&C was able to identify three main points that separated Corrado Construction from their competitors for talent. First, Corrado employees become part of the family and are treated as such. Second, employees have the opportunity to learn and grow their career into areas others don’t allow. Third, employees have access to technology and experienced teammates, which helps them get the job done right, on time and safely. 

Three things separated Corrado from their competitors:

  1. Employees are treated like family.
  2. Employees can grow into areas other employers don’t allow.
  3. Employees have access to technology and experienced teammates.

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